How to successfully market your business

Your company name

A key decision has to be your trading name. However, this isn’t just about what name will play best with your customers.

Legal restrictions exist on the use of certain offensive words in company names, as well as terms such as Royal, British, Trust and Council. It’s also against the rules to choose a name that another company has already registered. Companies House keeps a list of registered company names. Visit

Present your company

Going in to business on your own can be a scary step. Investing your own money, hiring your own staff, risking everything. Yet it allows you to be master or mistress of your own destiny, to sink or swim as a result of your own hard graft. To get the rewards from your labours. But if this is too big a step all at once, there is a middle way which we recommend you consider. Why not become part of and join a business franchise instead?

You can still run your own branch of that franchise, be responsible for your own success, but you also have something of a safety net around you, guidance and advice, so that you are not alone. It is also a great way to get experience in a whole raft of business areas. For anyone wanting to set up their own business, it is an idea well worth considering.